ProBC is always ready to review and discuss any web-based programming task. We prefer to only program in PHP using MySQL databases running on Linux based servers (commonly known as a LAMP or LEMP stack).

Many ‘developers’ choose to re-purpose existing systems by modifying or hacking the code in an effort to satisfy their customers requirements. Although this can be done successfully and in some cases it will save money, in the long run there could be problems with maintaining this code. At ProBC, we prefer to start at line #1 and develop code based exactly on the scope of the project. This allows us full flexibility to build exactly what is needed with no additional bloat code behind the scenes.

During our code development process we incorporate GIT repository version control coupled with a development server platform that allows us to edit – test / edit – test without ever impacted the live website. This is very important as it allows concept ideas to be flushed out between the programming team and the client with a working test system. Once everyone is happy with the outcome, the code is then released to the live site and becomes public to the world. Ask you current developer if they are doing their programming like this.

ProBC specializes in building backend business management systems such as a CRM (Contact Relational Management) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Our desire is to build functional, practical and affordable web-based management systems to make your life easier within your company. If there are manual paper-based tasks that are consuming too much time in your organization, we need to talk. Chances are a CRM or ERP could be a life saver for you.


  • Contact forms that save into a database
  • Contact management systems
  • Mailing list subscription systems
  • Online product sales / Management
  • API integrations to payment processors, PayPal, etc.
  • You name it, we can probably build it

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